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Divorce Lawyers

Few legal battles can become as contentious as high-conflict family law cases. If you are facing a complex or highly contested divorce or custody case, your attorney must have the negotiation and trial skills to protect your rights.Many family law firms focus on mediation and negotiation rather than trials. While these methods are often effective in family law, there are circumstances in which a trial is necessary. At Johns, Mitchell, Duncan & Lowe, L.L.C., we strive to resolve divorce and other family law cases in the most effective manner possible. We often reach favorable agreements through negotiation and mediation. However, when necessary, we take cases to trial and fight aggressively. In fact, we receive numerous referrals from family law attorneys who do not take cases to trial.

From our office in Clinton, we represent people throughout Henry County and western Missouri. Please call 660-885-6161 or 800-847-6119 for a free consultation.

Property Division And Spousal Maintenance

In Missouri, marital property is divided equitably. An equitable division means “fair,” not necessarily equal. We have the experience to value the marital assets and argue for your share of them.

The separation of marital and nonmarital assets is often a contested issue. The court considers anything purchased with marital funds to be marital property. Exceptions include assets owned prior to the marriage, inheritances or gifts from family members, and assets set aside in prenuptial agreements. Complex assets such as a jointly owned business or retirement accounts require experienced valuation from professional appraisers and a skilled lawyer to protect them.

Spousal maintenance (alimony) is awarded in some divorces. Most often, judges award spousal maintenance for a limited time so one person can become self-sufficient by acquiring training or education. Factors considered in calculating spousal maintenance include the length of the marriage, the education level and the earning capacity of each party.

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